5 day retreat                       April 5-9      $650
or the weekend retreat       April 7-9      $450

We know. You’ve had a rough year. The kids were all over you. The house needed attention. The dog died. The spouse spent too much time nagging/golfing/not cooking. Worst of all…the word count was slacking.  And now? You have needs.

We understand. Writers…write. Even when we aren’t anywhere near a pen or laptop, we’re still writing, conjuring up scenes, asking for solutions, listening to the voices of characters we spawned. For most of us, those creative moments come in quiet places, in shower stalls, empty cars, or during long solo walks.

Write By The Water can give you all of those moments. And more.

  • Writing prompts every morning
  • Discussions every evening
  • Classes geared to individual needs
  • Skype call with a NY editor or agent
  • Networking and marketing opportunities
  • A spoken word event where you will share your work

Additional options include yoga classes and outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, fishing, biking and horseback riding. We’ll provide breakfast, unlimited coffee, happy hour cocktail, semi-private and private rooms, and lots of desks and writing areas. Create or re-create on the beach or from your bed. Maybe you’ll write best at the corner desk with music playing or basking in the sun on the 360° rooftop terrace.

Join us in Blue Mountain Beach where muses and mermaids play and let your creativity flow. If you’ve got more questions, we’ve got the answers— right here.

 Now that you know what a writing retreat is, it sounds great, right?   Come on over here, let’s talk.



Contact Us for more information on the 5 day retreat  (April 5-9, 2017) or the weekend retreat (April 7-9, 2017)

About Us

lindaselfiehatbwLinda Sands founded and edited the now defunct literary magazine and anthology: scratch, a collection of quarterly contest stories and poetry lost forever in the Internet ether. But, her award-winning essays and short fiction can be found in Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Gwinnett Daily Post, Byline, The Duck & Herring Co, venuszine, zygote in my coffee, BigCityLit, oculartravel, espressofiction, Divine Caroline, NPR’s I Believe, Europe From a Backpack, Skirt! Magazine, Big Water, Weird Year, Moronic Ox, Dogplotz, and more, including a variety of travel pieces.
She is the author of the internationally published legal thriller, Simple Intent, the Kirkus starred southern gothic Not Waving, Drowning, and the Kindle Scout winning contemporary noir, 3 Women Walk into a Bar, a novel set in Syracuse introducing Bill “Free Willy” Tedesco, former exotic dancer and karaoke star turned PI.

Watch for her new mystery series featuring Jojo Boudreaux, a tenacious trucker with the mouth of a sailor and the heart… of a truck driver. Book One, Grand Theft Cargo. Book Two, Precious Cargo.
Agented by Josh Getzler of HSG Agency.

Twitter @lindasands
Facebook fan page

As a prolific working writer, Linda believes in the power of the written and spoken word and knows anyone who feels the same needs time to explore that power and quiet spaces to allow creativity to flourish.


Canadian born, Fiona Quinn is now rooted in the Old Dominion outside of D.C. with her husband and four children. There, she homeschools, pops chocolates, devours books, and taps continuously on her laptop.rsz_img_3889_0066_edited-1

 She is the creative force behind the popular blog ThrillWriting that teaches writers how to write it right. She draws from her background in martial arts, her masters in counseling, and her training with first responders and various law agencies to help you get the details right in your work of fiction. ThrillWriting is celebrating over two million page views.

 Quinn writes the bestselling Lynx Series including: Kindle Scout winning novel WEAKEST LYNX, as well as, MISSING LYNX, CHAIN LYNX, and CUFF LYNX. She also wrote the mystery novella, MINE and co-authored CHAOS IS COME AGAIN a noir comedy.

 Fiona has begun her newest series STRIKE FORCE.

Fiona believes that writing takes two very separate stages. First, a writer has to get down and dirty with their research. Then, they need space, time, and inspiration to get the story onto the page.

Web Page


Facebook Fan Page

 For more about Write by the Water retreats, see our FAQ page.


This started as a fantastic idea: A writing retreat. Pretty place. Smart, helpful people. Life changing choices.

Yep. Write by the Water is all of those things, and you are equally smart and pretty for choosing us and for that we applaud you.

***clapping, whistling and more clapping****

 So, now how does that great idea break down for you in real world speak?


Let’s start with the obvious stuff.

 You’ve got to get to us. See below for travel information.
Retreats begin at 11AM  Wednesday and 11AM Friday. Retreats end at 3PM Sunday.

You’ll be staying at a private house, but act like it’s a hotel. No smoking, no pets. Bring the stuff you’ll need to write and anything to enhance your free time. (laptop, chargers, camera, tennis racket, running shoes, swimsuit)
Hop over to the map page for details on the many activities in the area.

 We’ll provide all the hotel-ish things you will need, comfy beds, towels, blowdryers, some toiletries, a light breakfast daily and unlimited coffee- all day long. There will be one planned group dinner out, and a grocery store run to stock the kitchen for other meals.  See the map page for local restaurants and bars.

But wait. This is a writing retreat.
Attendees will enjoy morning guided-writing sessions, and at least one class each day*. (not mandatory and no extra fee, classes are catered to attendees’ needs)
You’ll have all day to create something new, revise something in the works or put the finishing touches on the Great American Novel
Every evening at WBTW’s Happy Hour, you will have an opportunity to share your work, ask questions or just commiserate with fellow writers
And there’s more:

  • Open Mic Night
  • Skype call with NYC agent or editor
  • social media/networking opportunities*classes include, Time Management, Brainstorming/Idea generation, Psych in what you write, Character development, Blocking your fight, Selling the short story, Using body language to show don’t tell, guided meditation, yoga for writers, and more

This sounds perfect, but I’m not great at planning. Can you help?

Sure. We’re not a travel agency, but we give good advice, and with our friend, Mr. Google, we can find about a dozen low-cost flight options.
You’ll want to fly into Northwest Florida Regional Airport (VPS )serving Destin and Fort Walton Beach, FL
or Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP) in Panama City Beach, FL

We can connect you with our personal favorite taxi or anyone on this list of taxi drivers that can bring you to Blue Mountain Beach.

I’m kind of picky. I get up super early and run six miles. I snore. I don’t like to share my space. I take very, very long showers. I talk in my sleep. I’m a night owl. I— It’s okay, we’ve got you.

After the applicants are accepted we will match roommates up to the best of our ability, and yes, you can upgrade to a private room. But, we have found that folks like us, we are pretty communal, and this house is pretty spacious. Oh, the house.

You’ll be staying here: THE SANDS AT THIRTY BLU.

and this is the beach across the street.SAM_4413 (1)

What are you waiting for?

Apply today.  Write here tomorrow.



How to Apply

We’re proud of you for taking this first step to honor your creativity.

We’re going to make it simple and fun to get started.

  1. Fill out the application form below. You will see a box in which you can paste a 250-500 word writing sample. This can be something new, something published, an opening, an ending, or your favorite scene. All genres, all styles are welcome. if it is a graphic piece or something that won’t work to copy and paste, please drop us an email ( and we will advise you the best way to send  it.
  2. There is a $50 application fee.  You can send a check, but that takes time and we do fill up fast.WBTW prefers to use PAYPAL.  * button*
    (The small service fee is not refundable. The $50 application fee is fully refundable.)
  3. If you are accepted, you will be notified via email and your application fee will apply toward your retreat fee.
  4. The balance of $400 for the 3 day retreat or $600 for the 5 day retreat is due 1 month before the start date. We will send a reminder and a Paypal link.
  5. If you are not accepted, your application fee minus the service charge will be directly refunded to your Paypal account.
  6. We strive to notify all applicants in a timely manner, generally in 10 days or less.


Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Address

City, State, Zip, Country

Your Phone

Which retreat would you prefer to attend?
The 3-dayThe 5-day

Write by the Water is a retreat for writers from across the country, regardless of publication history. In order to assess our success in fulfilling our commitment to diversity and to have a brief profile of new residents before they arrive, we ask applicants to provide the following information.

Date of Birth

Primary Occupation

Project summary: Briefly describe the project you wish to work on at Write by the Water (genre/s)

Professional achievements: Please list up to five publications, awards, etc.

How did you hear about us?

Have you applied to Write by the Water before?

If Yes to applied before, which year(s)

Paste a writing sample of no more than 500 words in the box below.

What else would you like us to know about you? How can we best assist you in reaching your creative goals?

I understand that I am responsible for all costs associated with travel to and from the location of retreat, dinner, and all personal expenses while participating in the Write by the Water Retreat. I understand that the Retreat fee, payable to Ricochet Enterprises, includes accommodations at Retreat (per above date / location), and some meals as stated. I release WBTW from any medical liability due to accident or injury and agree to be responsible for providing for my own medical personnel, first aid, first aid supplies and emergency transportation if necessary.
I hereby acknowledge that I have read the above form and understand my obligations.


Write By The Water retreats and workshops are offered on a limited basis to accepted participants. Former applicants will be considered on the same basis as all other applicants. WBTW practices non-discrimination and considers all potential applicants based on their registration information and writing sample.

When you apply to attend a retreat, you are (1) reserving a spot that prevents another writer from reserving, (2) being counted in the minimum number of enrollments, which sometimes determines whether or not the retreat will run. Because of this, you must cancel no less than 3 weeks in advance of the start date. Refunds (minus a cancellation fee of $50) are available for those who cancel at least three weeks before the retreat. If you cancel less than three weeks before the retreat start date, no refund is available. If a retreat is cancelled by Write by the Water for any reason, all payments and deposits will be refunded in full.


I have more questions… 

 Good. We like the curious ones. Come over here and scroll our FAQ page.




Contact Us

Thanks for your interest in Write By The Water! For more information about our programs, and this year's retreat, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!