What’s your priority?


You’re here because you’re thinking about your book, or your song, or your poem, or your half-finished canvas. You’re here because you want someone to tell you it’s okay. You aren’t being selfish, You aren’t being silly. This is real and you deserve it.

You are here, on this page, because a part of you gets it.

There is something to be said for down time. Whether it is a long walk along the beach, a drive alone down a country road, a demanding yoga class, a sweaty, thrilling bike ride, or a nap on the couch… we all need to step away from the stress and demands of our lives to refuel from time to time.
If you never recharge your batteries, you’ll run yourself into the ground and you’re no good to anyone. As a creative spirit, this is your truth.


How many times has that plot hole been plugged after stepping away from the desk and listening to the world instead of your own tired ideas? I know a few minutes of mindless activity can make all the difference on a work in progress.
This post by Leo Widrich at Buffer Social says it best. I mean, if we’re going to have a discussion in the shower.

Forget running water for a minute. How much better would it be when you’re drained, or wondering about the WIP, to find yourself surrounded by a house full of kindred souls? A bunch of creatives also seeking to fuel their furnaces, to fill the empty basket of their imagination, to get the encouragement to carry on.

That’s what we thought.
Write by the Water may very well be your new BFF. No excuses accepted.

Come on in, the water is fine.

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