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Some of My Favorite Writers

I posted this article on my writing blog (the blog that I’m supposed to be writing in every day to share my daily writing progress…but am not…doing either, that is…long story…), and I then I thought maybe it might be worthwhile talking about this topic: Where do you find your inspiration for writing? Or maybe, […]

Santa Rosa Beach Writers Retreat: Day Five

Day five of our five-day retreat finds the writers still writing. We have had the most amazing group of writers on this retreat. Each one of them have brought something so valuable to our first retreat. Among our group of women writers, there are fiction writers, memoir writers, travel writers, and a writer who is […]

Write What You Know

Guest post by author Victoria Allman. I’ve taken the advice of write what you know to heart. In Sea Fare, I write about my life as a yacht chef. For the past 12 years, I have been surrounded by water. I work on it. I live on it. Water has been my whole life since […]

Must-Read Books for Aspiring Writers

One of my favorite books is Anne Lamott’s “Bird by Bird.” If you ever wanted to write, this is the book for you. Lamott’s guide through the writing process is funny and generous. If you read this book and you don’t put pen to paper…well…I just know you will-if you really want to write. Her […]