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The Spring Retreat Wrap-up.

As many times as Write by the Water hosts a retreat, they are never the same. See, that’s magic.     The people who attend are the people who form the retreat. Sometimes, the retreat becomes more formal, with classes and editing advice and Skype talks. Sometimes, it’s just a bunch of established writers hunkering down to finish the […]

Day 4. More words and more pretty beach, blue water and yes, sun.

Blue Mountain Beach

Before we walked onto this we drank some of this then sadly sent off one of our writers… sort of like this or maybe it was more like this you go girl! Then, it was back to the page. More word wrangling, more scene swapping, and then, cold pizza and a change of venue.   […]

Testimonials: From the Mouths of Writing Babes

“I had a wonderful three days of writing, planning, organizing, plotting. I worked on organizing the chapters of my work-in-progress, Book Two of the Moonlight Ridge Series. I enjoyed the companionship of the creative writers who attended the Write By the Water writers retreat in beautiful Blue Mountain Beach.. This was such a well planned, delightful […]

Preparing for a writing retreat: photo tutorial

First, you will need one of these. And probably one of these. Don’t forget this. or this. Never mind. We have lots of that. After a day of doing this we will reward you with this. and then, you can enjoy this. unless you need to do more of this Hey, it’s your retreat.  Just […]

Some of My Favorite Writers

I posted this article on my writing blog (the blog that I’m supposed to be writing in every day to share my daily writing progress…but am not…doing either, that is…long story…), and I then I thought maybe it might be worthwhile talking about this topic: Where do you find your inspiration for writing? Or maybe, […]

Santa Rosa Beach Writers Retreat: Day Five

Day five of our five-day retreat finds the writers still writing. We have had the most amazing group of writers on this retreat. Each one of them have brought something so valuable to our first retreat. Among our group of women writers, there are fiction writers, memoir writers, travel writers, and a writer who is […]