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The Body Language of Attraction: Information for Writers

In this tutorial, Fiona gives us the inside scoop to the “tell.” _________________________ I got to observe Striker out of uniform, playing spy on a few heaven-sent operations. Men would instinctively become wary when he entered the room, closing their postures or moving away. The women would hold their ground, giving him long speculative glances. […]

Testimonials: From the Mouths of Writing Babes

“I had a wonderful three days of writing, planning, organizing, plotting. I worked on organizing the chapters of my work-in-progress, Book Two of the Moonlight Ridge Series. I enjoyed the companionship of the creative writers who attended the Write By the Water writers retreat in beautiful Blue Mountain Beach.. This was such a well planned, delightful […]

Preparing for a writing retreat: photo tutorial

First, you will need one of these. And probably one of these. Don’t forget this. or this. Never mind. We have lots of that. After a day of doing this we will reward you with this. and then, you can enjoy this. unless you need to do more of this Hey, it’s your retreat.  Just […]