5 day retreat                       April 5-9      $650
or the weekend retreat       April 7-9      $450

We know. You’ve had a rough year. The kids were all over you. The house needed attention. The dog died. The spouse spent too much time nagging/golfing/not cooking. Worst of all…the word count was slacking.  And now? You have needs.

We understand. Writers…write. Even when we aren’t anywhere near a pen or laptop, we’re still writing, conjuring up scenes, asking for solutions, listening to the voices of characters we spawned. For most of us, those creative moments come in quiet places, in shower stalls, empty cars, or during long solo walks.

Write By The Water can give you all of those moments. And more.

  • Writing prompts every morning
  • Discussions every evening
  • Classes geared to individual needs
  • Skype call with a NY editor or agent
  • Networking and marketing opportunities
  • A spoken word event where you will share your work

Additional options include yoga classes and outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, fishing, biking and horseback riding. We’ll provide breakfast, unlimited coffee, happy hour cocktail, semi-private and private rooms, and lots of desks and writing areas. Create or re-create on the beach or from your bed. Maybe you’ll write best at the corner desk with music playing or basking in the sun on the 360° rooftop terrace.

Join us in Blue Mountain Beach where muses and mermaids play and let your creativity flow. If you’ve got more questions, we’ve got the answers— right here.

 Now that you know what a writing retreat is, it sounds great, right?   Come on over here, let’s talk.