The Spring Retreat Wrap-up.

As many times as Write by the Water hosts a retreat, they are never the same. See, that’s magic.     The people who attend are the people who form the retreat. Sometimes, the retreat becomes more formal, with classes and editing advice and Skype talks. Sometimes, it’s just a bunch of established writers hunkering down to finish the […]

Bookish News

If you’re a writer, your inbox is probably full of links to new books, new authors, publishing deals and job opportunities. I thought I’d help you out a little and post a few “interesting” links here every week. Let’s see what I found this week. Here’s a 400 year old Sci-fi novel that’s being re-printed- […]

Monkey See Does NOT Mean Monkey Do

  Recently, I attended the annual cotillion dinner for eighth graders. Every year I have a standing gig teaching a three-hour tutorial dinner on how not to eat like a monkey. Here in southern USA, cotillion in a social rite of passage.  It’s an opportunity for young ladies and gentlemen in middle school to learn […]

Magical Words to Make Your Writing Better

“… that willing suspension of disbelief for the moment, which constitutes poetic faith.” Samuel Coleridge. Everyone has their strengths. For my kid #4 it’s her ability to remember obscure details. I pay her five dollars an hour to listen to me read my stories. She somehow lays her six-foot body on the floor of my […]

The Body Language of Attraction: Information for Writers

In this tutorial, Fiona gives us the inside scoop to the “tell.” _________________________ I got to observe Striker out of uniform, playing spy on a few heaven-sent operations. Men would instinctively become wary when he entered the room, closing their postures or moving away. The women would hold their ground, giving him long speculative glances. […]