Bookish News

If you’re a writer, your inbox is probably full of links to new books, new authors, publishing deals and job opportunities. I thought I’d help you out a little and post a few “interesting” links here every week. Let’s see what I found this week. Here’s a 400 year old Sci-fi novel that’s being re-printed- […]

Monkey See Does NOT Mean Monkey Do

  Recently, I attended the annual cotillion dinner for eighth graders. Every year I have a standing gig teaching a three-hour tutorial dinner on how not to eat like a monkey. Here in southern USA, cotillion in a social rite of passage.  It’s an opportunity for young ladies and gentlemen in middle school to learn […]

Magical Words to Make Your Writing Better

“… that willing suspension of disbelief for the moment, which constitutes poetic faith.” Samuel Coleridge. Everyone has their strengths. For my kid #4 it’s her ability to remember obscure details. I pay her five dollars an hour to listen to me read my stories. She somehow lays her six-foot body on the floor of my […]

The Body Language of Attraction: Information for Writers

In this tutorial, Fiona gives us the inside scoop to the “tell.” _________________________ I got to observe Striker out of uniform, playing spy on a few heaven-sent operations. Men would instinctively become wary when he entered the room, closing their postures or moving away. The women would hold their ground, giving him long speculative glances. […]